Boccaccio Lunch:

Boccaccio Lunch:
Boccaccio Light
Antipasi – Assortment of roasted vegetables & sausages 
Seafood Salad – shrimps, calamari, mussels and scallop on a bed of green leaves & burghul 
Chicken Chunks on a bed of summer salad
Risotto PrimaVera
Roasted Chicken Liver with Port & Brandy on a bed of green salad

Draft Beer / Glass of House Wine / soft drink
Starters – Soup of the day or green salad 
Pasta - Radiattori, Linguine
Bolognese – veal, garlic, olive oil & tomatoes 
Pesto – basil, garlic, olive oil & pine nuts 
Napoli – tomato, basil garlic& olive oil
Aglio olio - garlic, olive oil, herbs & chili 
Alfredo - mushrooms, onion & cream
Chicken – Strips of chicken breast in Marsala, cream & rosemary sauce 
Sicilian – Eggplants, tomatoes & buffalo cheese 
Anchovy – Anchovy, sage, olive tapenade, roasted red pepper

Draft Beer / Glass of House Wine / soft drink
tarters - Antipasti / soup of the day / green salad / salted salmon
Veal Sirloin with Mustered & Cream sauce 
Chicken breast in Marsala sauce 
Scaloppini Milanese – Pork schnitzel with tomato salsa
Salmon with roasted pepper sauce
Denis fillet in wine, garlic & herbs

Draft Beer / Glass of House Wine / soft drink